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Testing, Programming and Special Processes

We carry out complete product testing as per customer defined procedures and do functional tests, vibration tests, burn-in tests and any other specialized testing necessary for production functionality and quality. We have a dedicated team of testing and troubleshooting engineers who carry out the testing as per customer requirements with jigs and fixtures built in house or customer supplied. This includes IC programming either off-line through our universal/gang programmers or In System programming as part of the complete test procedure.

We also carry out special processes of glue dispensing, epoxy potting, conformal coating, RTV application and other electrical and mechanical operations and have necessary instruments and tools available with us for assembly of the same. For conformal coating we use various types of materials such as UV, Acrylic, silicon, PU based coatings and for potting also we use black, natural colour and other special epoxies matching customer specifications.

Testing & Programming equipment installed includes the following :
1. In-Circuit Tester
2. HV Tester
3. Self Developed and Customer Supplied Functional Test Jigs
4. Universal and Gang Programmers for Off-Line IC Programming
5. Dongles & Tools for In System Programming
6. Digital Oscilloscope
7. Digital Power Supplies 0-300V
8. Vibration Test
9. Temperature Cycling Chamber
10. Power Up Test
11. Drop Test Machine

In-Circuit Tester

Universal and Gang Programmers for Off-Line IC Programming

Testing Workstation

Functional Testing Station

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